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How to measure in AutoCAD

How to measure in AutoCAD

Many professionals use AutoCAD for their work. All their professions require drawings and sketches. Most architects and construction engineers use AutoCAD, because this is a great program that allows them to sketch out all their work, they will turn into reality. So, there is an option to scale there too. Are you wondering how to scale on AutoCAD? Well, in this article we have compiled and explained several solutions, so keep reading.

Scale choice

When you use the scale option, this allows you to change the size of the object that you are working on. You can find this option if you go to the Home menu and find the Change option. There, you can see many commands including scale options.

Next, all you need to do is select the object and confirm it by pressing the enter key. Choosing a base point is your next step. This point will be fixed after your object is scaled. The line that is displayed as your main hand will direct you to create a scaling factor. It turns out that this factor makes the final size of the object. Also, if the scaling factor is below 1, it will increase your sketch.

So, type in a scale factor and confirm by pressing the enter button. To maintain the original shape of your object after you scale it, make sure to copy it. To do this, press the copy command in the bar that will be displayed when you want to set the scaling factor. This is a simple solution for scaling in AutoCAD.


Reference options for scaling

AutoCAD has a Reference menu that you can use to scale objects too. This allows you to resize objects in your project. To do this, you must start the same as in the first case, by going to the option for scaling and determining the base point in the left corner of your workspace.

But this is not a requirement, so you can choose another basic point if it works for you better like that. A bar will appear so you can use your scale factor and enter the length you want. Every time you will determine a unified line number, you can use this option because it is very easy and fast to do so.

The main use of scaling with references is that you can easily resize objects correlated with other existing objects. And that’s easier because you don’t have to determine the scaling factor.


What is the scale of the scale?

The two options we have mentioned work well for block scaling, but there are other ways to scale them. Initially, you must convert your object to a block, if it’s in another form. To do this, use option B and make sure to turn off Option Scale. Now, you must enter the block using option I. Confirm by entering I and pressing the enter key.

To have the same scaling factor on all axes, enter the same number which will lead to an increase in the complete size of the object you are working on. To have a different scaling factor, enter a different scaling number. When you have set the scaling factor, confirm it, and be sure to enter the block by clicking on that point.

Scale PDF files and images

You can also use AutoCAD to scale PDF files or images. You can adjust the scale when entering, or after you enter it. To scale such a file, enter the attachment and confirm. Now the Attach window will open, and you must select the file you want to scale. The next window that opens will indicate where to enter the axis scaling value and by entering 1 you will save the original size of your attached file. You can also change it later by going to the property. Now, target a certain point and enter if by pressing the enter key.

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