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How to get Peacock on your Fire TV now

How to get Peacock on your Fire TV now

No need to wait for NBC and Amazon to solve the problem. Simply sideload the TV version of Android instead.

The Peacock NBC streaming service was just launched, but the Amazon Fire TV device was abandoned.

Just like with the arrival of HBO Max at the end of May, NBC Universal and Amazon are currently locking up some money-related issues, such as how to share revenue from advertising, and it is unlikely to work. out in the near future. NBC Universal also fights Roku for the same reason, so Peacock is also not yet available on that platform.

The good news for Fire TV users is that there is a solution, and this is the same thing that allows HBO Max to run on Fire TV devices today: Simply sideload the Android TV version of the Peacock application on your Fire TV device. The setup is a bit of a hassle, but the application itself functions properly.
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This is a way to make Peacock and operate on Fire TV Stick, Fire TV streaming box, Fire TV Cube, or Fire TV Edition television.

Turn on the fire extinguisher TV

If you haven’t activated “sideloading” on Fire TV – that is, the ability to install applications from outside the official Amazon Appstore – you have to do it first.

Start by installing the Downloader application from Amazon Appstore. You can install it remotely through your web browser or just search for “Downloader” with your Alexa remote on Fire TV itself.

After you install it, open Settings, scroll to “My Fire TV,” then select “Developer Options.”


In this menu, turn on “ADB Debugging” and “Application from Unknown Sources.” When you see a scary warning about the security risks of an unapproved application, just press “Activate.” You can always disable “Application from Unknown Source” after I install Peacock.


For some newer Fire TV devices, you might see an option to “Install unknown applications” instead of “Applications from Unknown Sources.” If so, click this option, then set the Downloader to “Active” on the next menu.
Download and install the Peacock application

For the next step, we will install the application from a third party site called APKMirror. The actual APK installation file is here for reference, but we will only use a short link in the Downloader application to install it directly.

Open the Downloader application, and click “Allow” when prompted. Then, open the “Browser” section of the apps.


Scroll up to the address bar and select, clear the address field using the on-screen keyboard, and type the following URL into the text field exactly as it appears below:


Do you get the “Forbidden” error? That’s because you entered the address in the “Home” section of the Downloader, rather than the “Browser” section. Scroll down to the Browser section and try again.

Now, wait for the “Install” menu to appear. Depending on your Fire TV device, it will be a full screen prompt or pop-up as illustrated below. Select “Install,” then press “Open.”


If you do not open the application immediately and it is not in your Newest line, you will find it at the bottom of your complete application list, accessed by long pressing the home button and selecting “Apps.”


After logging into the application, you can create a new account or sign in with the one already created. If you have an Android device, I suggest creating an account on that first device, because it will be eligible for the free Peacock Premium service for three months because of an agreement between NBC Universal and Google. You should get an offer via email immediately after registering. (Maybe you will also get an offer by registering through Fire TV, because this is technically the Android version of the Android application, but I have not confirmed this.)

Last important step: At this time, the Peacock application will fail to play any video until you restart your Fire TV. To do this, go to Settings> My Fire TV, then select “Restart.”

Like the transferable version of HBO Max, the same disclaimer applies here: After Amazon and NBCU resolved their differences and officially launched the Peacock application, everyone wanted to uninstall this and reinstall the official version instead of getting the latest updates.

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