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How to convert JPG to PDF

How to convert JPG to PDF

You can convert JPG images – including photos – to PDF. Here’s how to do it using Windows or a website.

Converting JPG images to PDF is easier than you think.

There are various ways to achieve this, all of which can be free and no one requires you to install any software. You can use the default Windows tool or upload your JPG to the website that converts it and give you a link to download the PDF version.

How do I convert JPG files to PDF?

If you have Windows 8.1 or newer, you will have a default PDF printer. If you are still using the previous version (which should not all of your support now end), download and install Adobe Reader DC to get the same functionality.

We use Windows 10 here, which has a default option to ‘print’ to PDF. This means that in any application that has the Print option you can choose a printer called Microsoft Print to PDF and it will save the file as PDF. Very useful.

1. Open Windows File Explorer (the shortcut is Windows + E).

2. Navigate to the JPG file that you want to convert. You can select multiple files by clicking and dragging the rectangles around them, or by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and clicking each one you want. Of course the files must be in the same folder. Selecting multiple files will create a multi-page PDF document.

3. Now right-click on one of the selected files and select Print.


This opens the default Windows image printing wizard. Here you need to change the printer to Microsoft Print to PDF. If it’s not on the list, install Adobe Reader DC as mentioned above.

4. You can use the options available in the wizard to place multiple images on each PDF page, and even change the page size from A4 to another size.


5. After you set all your options click Print.

You will see printing progress in progress as if the file was printing normally but in the end a box will appear asking where you want to save your PDF. You must also enter a file name.


Click the Save button and your PDF will be created, ready to share with anyone you like.


Can I convert JPG to PDF online?

Yes There are many websites where you can upload your JPG files and convert them to one PDF. Or you can make a PDF from one image.

All web sites work in the same basic way. We use JPG2PDF here. Unlike some of these free services, this service has no file size limit and will not put a watermark on the PDF.

1. Click the link above to go to the site and drag and drop your JPG or click the Upload File button.


2. When all your files are uploaded, click the COMBINED button which should actually say ‘Download’ like that.


You may have to edit the file name after downloading because the default is jpg2pdf.pdf.

If you need to merge several files, here’s how to merge PDFs, and if you want to extract multiple pages from existing files, here’s how to extract pages from PDF.

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