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How to Add Dropbox in the Chromebook File Manager

How to Add Dropbox in the Chromebook File Manager

By default, you can only access Google Drive in the Chrome OS file manager. But if you prefer Dropbox over Google Drive, one option is to use the standalone Dropbox application on your Chromebook. Even though it works pretty well, it doesn’t have drag and drop support which makes it difficult to transfer files back and forth. A better alternative is to use a third-party extension called “File System for Dropbox” which adds the Dropbox folder directly to the Chrome OS file manager. This is how you do it.

Add Dropbox in the Chromebook File Manager

Open the file manager on your Chromebook and click the three dot menu in the upper right corner. Now select the option called “Add new service” and click “Install new service” from the options that appear.


You can see pop-ups with all available services that work with Chrome OS File Manager. Scroll down until you see an option called “File System for Dropbox“. Now click on the blue “Install” button next to it.


A faded pop-up indicates that he is installing a service. Installation may take two to five minutes to install. Because the installation process is rather problematic, you need to close the pop-ups manually after five minutes. There will be no indication of dropbox installation. If you have waited for five minutes, it will be installed without problems.


Now again click on the three point menu> Add new service, now you can see a new option called “File System for Dropbox“. Click that.


In the Window that appears, click the “Install Your Dropbox” button to start the settings.


This will open a Dropbox login page where you can log in to your Dropbox account or you can create a new account if you want from here.


After logging in, click the “Allow” button to give Dropbox permission to access your system files and folders.


And that’s it, you have successfully installed Dropbox on the Chrome OS file manager and you can also transfer files between them just by dragging and dropping.



Chrome OS File Manager also supports OneDrive, but it doesn’t work or is even open to many people, if you are interested, you can also try it with the same method. However, Dropbox works well with all the features you need, but Dropbox does not have an automatic backup feature, for that you need to install the Android application. If you experience problems installing the dropbox, let us know in the comments below.

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